Sanna NivhedeLead Character Artist

How did you start at DICE?

I started as an intern back in 2013 working on what is known today as Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. It’s been three fantastic years and I’m still so happy to be part of this awesome studio.

Which is your all-time favorite game?

You can’t make me pick only one! Absolute favorites include Dark Souls, Psychonauts, Mirror’s Edge, Jak and Daxter and The Witcher 3 which are all amazing and should be mandatory to play.

If you wouldn’t have been in the games industry, what would you do?

I really wanted to work in photography before I realized I could make a living making games. Now it’s hard to imagine myself doing anything else since I absolutely love my job.

Which is your favorite fictional character?

That would have to be a member of Arrested Development’s Bluth/Fünke family. They’re all brilliant but Maeby and GOB often steal the show for me.

My Stockholm

Favorite place:

The whole city is lovely during summer, the cliffs of Vinterviken especially so. Perfect destination for a run or going swimming.

Summer cooldown tip:

Pay a visit to the nearest StikkiNikki ice cream shop, they make the best gelato in the city!