Lars GustavssonCreative Director

What did you do 10 years ago?

I was hard at work with Battlefield 2 as the Lead Designer here at DICE. Me and my wife were expecting a baby and I had to finish the game before the baby arrived. And we did, but it was close. Just two days after the release party, my first son was born.

Which is your favorite fictional character?

Faith, but don’t tell her… I haven’t dared to ask her out yet.

Which is you all-time favorite game?

Day of The Tentacle showed me a new wonderful world that I never will forget, but is very hard to pick only one.

Which question is the most common one about your job as a game dev?

“So you write the code…?”

My Stockholm

Favorite place:

There is a beautiful triangular square in the Old Town of Stockholm with an amazing chestnut three where you can sit down and hear the sound of the city in the distance while calm and the history of the surroundings sooths your stressed body.