We are DICE

DICE (EA Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment), the award-winning studio based in Stockholm, Sweden, is best known for creating the phenomenally successful Battlefield franchise, the Battlefront franchise, and the innovative game Mirror’s Edge.

We work through our 4 guiding values: Passion with Purpose, Creative Innovation, Everything Quality, and One Community. We recognise that our people are the backbone and driving force to our creative products. As such, we are dedicated in providing everyone the ability to express, learn, and be their very best with a common cause.


The Challenge ahead

In an ever changing environment of developments from inhouse tech and industry standards, the Technical Artist guides the practical implementation into the artistic process. The Technical Artist supports the Technical Art Director to follow through on the Technical Art Direction, helping the wider art team with technical solutions in the engine, workflows and tools and answers to the Technical Art Director as the day-2-day manager.


Skills and Requirements

  • Has a strong understanding of content creation, 3D engines and pipelines.
  • Has a strong understanding of tool building, proceduralism, scripting and shading.
  • A people person who is able to work with a broad group of developers in a collaborative way.


  • Flag and communicate concerns regarding a potential mismatch between artistic goals and practical reality. 
  • Provide technical feedback to the artists.
  • Ensure production setup keeps up with industry developments.

Typical Tasks

  • Research and develop tools, workflows & best practices.
  • Identify problems and find solutions.
  • Review content and the game to ensure consistency, quality and compliance with performance goals.
  • Performance profiling and review bugs to stay on top of any issues.

Additional Information:

  • This is a permanent position based in Stockholm, Sweden, and requires working onsite.

What’s in it for you? Glad you asked!

At DICE we take care of our staff and have done so during our steady growth over the last decade. In addition to a competitive compensation package we offer our employees 10 EA games per year, massage every three weeks, a variety of sports activities (yoga and crossfit to name a few) and health care allowance. We have a collective bargain agreement with Unionen and Sveriges Ingenjörer and also provide our employees with occupational pension.

Although we enjoy working hard at DICE, we respect and value our employees’ personal lives. A good work-life balance is something strive to practice and maintain even during high-intensity periods.

If this opportunity sounds like a great fit for you, please submit your resume and introduction letter in English explaining why you want to work at DICE, and we will get back to you once we have reviewed.

We look forward to receiving your application!