We are DICE

DICE (EA Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment), the award-winning studio based in Stockholm, Sweden, is best known for creating the phenomenally successful Battlefield franchise, the Battlefront franchise, and the innovative game Mirror’s Edge.

We work through our 4 guiding values: Passion with Purpose, Creative Innovation, Everything Quality, and One Community. We recognise that our people are the backbone and driving force to our creative products. As such, we are dedicated in providing everyone the ability to express, learn, and be their very best with a common cause.

We are currently looking for a Master Thesis student to work on “Weather Simulation for Games”.

What we expect (thesis details)

Winds in our games have so far been quite simple. We would like to investigate if we can create hurricanes, tornadoes, and other types of wind systems in a way that works within our performance requirements. We would also like to investigate how to make it easy and understandable for designers (who don’t know a lot of math) to adjust the wind systems for their needs.

As part of the Thesis you will:

Produce wind system simulations that

  • Use limited CPU resources, using C++ code
  • Can store/restore their state
  • Can serialize their state over the network with very little bandwidth.

Find out what settings to expose to designers to make it easily understandable/tunable

What we look for

  • Experience working in C++
  • Knowledge of Mathematics (linear algebra, calculus etc.) is required.
  • Experience in some hobby game development is useful but not required

Good to Know

  • This internship is unpaid and temporary employment. The Master Thesis needs to be associated with a Swedish University education or any other type of education that has a Master Thesis in the education plan.
  • We are unable to provide relocation services for this role, and hence can only consider candidates already residing in Sweden.
  • The Master Thesis is intended to start late January 2020 for a duration of 20+ weeks.

What we can offer you

We constantly aim to push the limits of what is possible to achieve in our games, and by doing your internship at DICE you get to be a part of industry-defining work as well as help create the next generation of immersive video games.

Did we mention the free massage, studio activities and all the fruit you can possibly eat? Doing your internship here at DICE has never been more exciting!

Are you interested?

Please apply online with a CV and cover letter. You may be asked to perform a work assignment during the hiring process.

 We look forward to receiving your application!