Sara JanssonSenior Producer

Which is you all-time favorite game?

Little Big Adventure 2. I played it a bunch of times. A perfect little game. I wish there would be a sequel.

If you would cook dinner for Faith, what would you cook?

My fabulous mango/avocado salsa with lime, chili and coriander. It’s like heaven in your mouth.

Which is your favorite fictional character?

I think Countess Crawley (played by Maggie Smith) in Downtown Abbey is brilliant. “What is a weekend?”

What do you consider your greatest achievement?

Does giving birth to a baby Count?

My Stockholm


Urban Deli. So relaxed and they have these olives that they marinate in honey and mustard. To die for!

Running route:

Around Kungsholmen is a classic.

Culture spot:

Make it a day and take a bus or boat to Artipelag. Combine art with some great food.

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