Danial RashidiTechnical Artist

How did you start at DICE?

I spoke to a recruiter and after hounding him for a job he mentioned another position that he thought I would be good for. Three years later I am very happy with that job!

Which question is the most common one about your job as a game dev?

“So you just play games all day?” Closely followed by “So, you’re a programmer?”.

What is the best thing about working at DICE?

The co-workers. There is so much talent here at DICE and I am super happy to work at a place where we constantly try to top ourselves and develop the next great game.

Which is you all-time favorite game?

Mass Effect 2, hands down!

My Stockholm

Favorite place:

Best spot for me is Hagaparken during a morning run. The field and the forest next to the coppar tents there when the sun is rising look like something out of a fantasy movie.