Alexander HassoonLive Producer

What is the best thing about working at DICE?

The ability to grow and develop as a person, I’ve learned a lot here at DICE since I first started.

Which is you all-time favorite game?

Homeworld 2.

What games have you been addicted to and how did you get clean?

I was heavily addicted to Neverwinter Nights 1, playing on a Wheel of Time roleplaying server with a couple of friends. It was really hard to stop playing that game, I had to get banned to get away.

If you would cook dinner for Faith, what would you cook?

Pacha. It’s a traditional Iraqi dish made from sheep’s head, trotters and stomach, boiled slowly and served with bread sunken in the broth. To test her faith.

My Stockholm

Favorite place:

I love Årstaviken during summer, taking walks or running around there is just wonderful.


Himlen – the view is amazing.

Culture spot:

Playing LAN games with my friends at the DICE Gameroom!

Best Stockholm winter tip:

Stay inside.