Adrian IrimieaSr Release Manager

How did you end up at DICE?

I joined DICE during the development of Battlefield 3 from the EA studio back in Bucharest shortly after my college graduation.

Which question is most common to hear about your job as a Release Manager?

“What does a Release Manager do?” Well, my job is to make sure that all teams within EA are synced when it comes to launching new content for our games. I’m in charge of the planning and execution of each release owned by DICE Operations.

Which is you all-time favorite game?

As a big fan of strategy games I have to say that the Total War series are the best games out there. Besides that I do play a lof of FIFA.

If you wouldn’t have been in the gaming industry, what would you do?

If it was up to me to choose I would probably have a job within the football industry, otherwise somewhere in IT.

My Stockholm

Best Stockholm tip:

If you are into football and fancy pubs, you should try The Dubliner and The Liffey.

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