DICE kicked off 2016 with one big move – our own. After ten years in an office that housed the development of stellar games such as the recent Star Wars Battlefront and masterpieces such as Mirror’s Edge and Battlefield 4 to mention a few, DICE outgrown its former home and moved into a newly renovated office located in the Södermalm district of Stockholm.

Up until January 2016, EA had two central offices in Stockholm. One at Slussen where DICE resided, and one smaller in Fatburen. From now on, all teams are gathered in an expanded and refurbished office at Fatburen, centrally located in the heart of the Swedish game development cluster. The move is one of the biggest lettings in central Stockholm and the office itself holds world-class interior and technical support.

“This move is the next chapter for DICE”, says General Manager Patrick Bach and continues to talk about how important this relocation is for the company.

“When DICE moved into our old office back in 2006 we were still an up and coming development team. Now DICE is a world-class studio and at the new office we have the opportunity to take the next step in our journey in creating the world’s best games.”

We are excited to show you more of our new home in the future.