Welcome to Sweden

Sweden is the third largest country in the European Union by area, with a population of 9.9 million.

Two million people live in the capital city Stockholm, where DICE is located. The summers are temperate with late sunsets, and the snowy winters bring long nights.

Our relocation package

We’ll work with local Swedish relocation specialists in order to tailor a relocation package that fits your specific needs, including everything from helping you to get a visa and work permit to securing a residence, organizing your move, and finally transporting your household items.


Swedish training

We offer a minimum of 100 hours Swedish language lessons with a private tutor for relocated employees, and the state offers free Swedish language courses for all people registered in Sweden.

We also guarantee to help you find a home for your first 12 months here.

Living and working in Sweden

Sweden offers an attractive and rewarding work environment to employees. Each employee is entitled to at least five weeks holiday per year, as mandated by Swedish law.

Parental Benefits, Child Care and Education

Sweden is well-known for prioritizing quality of life in its labor laws, with very generous parental leave and the right to work part-time and receive compensation when taking care of sick children.

High-quality and publicly subsidized childcare is available to all children, and at the age of seven all children are required to start attending school.

After nine years they can stay on for secondary school (“gymnasium”) and choose different programs with an academic or vocational profile. University studies are free for residents of Sweden as well as EU/EEA and Swiss citizens, with publicly funded student loans and subsidies for residents.

Taxes and Registering at the Tax Office

If you intend to reside in Sweden, you must register in person at the local Tax Office, called Skatteverket. We will gladly help you with this process if you require assistance.

It’s important that you have correctly registered information in order for you to get your post, receive bills on time, pay the right amount of tax, vote where you live, receive insurance payments etc.

Most insurance companies require you to be registered as residing in the home for which you want to make an insurance damages claim. If you are plan¬ning to stay one year or more you will be issued a personal identity number, and if you plan to stay less than a year you will be issued a co-ordination number.

Health Care and
Social Insurance

One of the best aspects of living in Sweden is the inexpensive and high quality public healthcare system, which gives everyone who lives or works in Sweden equal access to heavily subsidized healthcare that is basically free after the first doctor’s visit. The system is taxpayer-funded and largely decentralized.

If you have to stay home from work due to illness, you won’t receive any wages or sick pay the first day, but after that you’ll receive sick pay and sickness benefits that amount to approximately 80% of your salary.

Want to know more?

Would you like to know more about moving to Sweden and working for EA? Then you should read our brochure!