We are Uprise. An EA studio located in Uppsala with a single mission to create great gaming experiences.

We love games, and for the past 11 years we’ve been on a relentless journey to improve the games we’ve worked with. Our journey started with companion experiences and is now taking us to brand new places. We wish we could tell you more.

When building UI on multiple platforms, including gaming consoles and mobile/tablet, we are constantly challenged by technical limitations and trade-offs between development speed, fidelity and performance. We are now looking for someone interested in taking on his/her internship with us, to dig down into the specific subject of Performant UI rendering with JavaScript on mobile platforms.


  • Solid experience of JavaScript coding, preferably 3+ years.
  • Experience with web development.
  • Interest in UI performance and optimization.
  • Ability to dig down into tough problems.
  • Good communication skills.


  • Experience with native rendering mechanics.
  • Experience developing for iOS and/or Android.

Please note that this is an unpaid internship that is to be a part of your ongoing university education. We are not able to provide relocation services for this role, so we will prioritize candidates already residing in Sweden. In order to promote gender equality, we welcome applications from female candidates. You will be asked to take on a programming test in JavaScript in the recruitment process. We would like the internship to start during fall 2015.

Head to uprise.se for more information about Uprise.